Flavourfresh achieve AA+ BRCGS Food Safety Certification

Official recognition of the highest in food hygiene standards

Flavourfresh AA+ BRCGS Food Safety Standards

Retail buyers and consumers of tomatoes and soft fruit grown at Flavourfresh’s production facilities are already familiar with and have come to expect their superior flavours, presentation and shelf appeal.  Delivering premium tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries to UK food retailers commands consistently high hygiene across the production process; from planting to harvesting, through the packing and finishing process and beyond. And now it’s official: the Lancashire growers have achieved the highest possible Grade AA score in Food Hygiene and Safety in the latest independent audit from BRCGS.

BRCGS AA+ Food and Hygiene Safety Certification

Flavourfresh AA+ BRCGS Food Hygiene

Confirmed earlier this week (10 December 2020), the Technical and Operations teams at Flavourfresh are extremely pleased to have been able to demonstrate their ongoing commitments to the highest levels of hygiene in all areas of the business during an unannounced visit from the BRCGS auditors.

This rating – the highest possible Grade AA+ score – is awarded by the BRCGS if five or fewer non-conformances are noted out of more than 250 audit criteria.  These food audits are approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which uses benchmarks to ensure the highest standards are sought during these audits.

What does this mean for Flavourfresh?

At the end of what we can all agree is an unusually challenging year in every aspect of life, food hygiene has been especially important.  Flavourfresh have been relentless in maintaining and improving the highest attainment in every procedure, policy and practice.  This has involved attention to detail across documentation, training and best practice procedures and has been managed and coordinated by the company’s Technical Manager, Lynn Moore. Lynn keeps a tight rein on standards, ensuring Quality Assurance procedures are followed at every step of every fruit and berry’s journey from seedling to supermarket.  It is with enormous credit to Lynn and her team that these standards are not only met but are communicated and developed in line with legislation and advances.

Overseeing Operations, David Holding accompanied the BRCGS Auditors around the Flavourfresh facilities this week.  Taking into account all the strides forward the company have made, the Auditor was particularly impressed with the teams “positivity, knowledge and attitude to food hygiene” – elements that David, Lynn and the Flavourfresh team put great emphasis on.

“I can remain calm and confident throughout an unannounced audit on food safety at Flavourfresh as I know the team here are incredibly diligent in every aspect.  We’re operationally very strong and this certification is a true reflection of the team’s hard work. The auditors commended the team and each individual they spoke to on their knowledge and professionalism, not only in their daily routines, checks and balances, but in their outlook and belief in the company’s commitments. Achieving this highest level of certification is no surprise to me – but it’s a fantastic reward for every one of the Flavourfresh team who run a very tight ship, day in, day out.” – David Holding, Head of Operations, Flavourfresh

Highest food hygiene standards

What does this mean for retailers and consumers?

The BRCGS is the Global Standard for Food Safety, developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufactures and food service providers.  These Standards focus on:

Premium food retailers demand premium food hygiene – and a demonstrable certification of the highest level for Flavourfresh is a huge affirmation to them and a guaranteed confidence stamp for the ongoing, consistent produce perfection that Flavourfresh delivers.