The Lancashire company feeding the nation: Flavourfresh, Lancashire Evening Post (Oct 2020)

Flavourfresh Made Smarter Lancashire Evening Post 22102020

One of four food manufacturers gaining financial support and guidance from the Made Smarter North West pilot programme,  Flavourfresh have taken the initiative to look at the digital and technological advances they could implement across the business.

The Made Smarter initiative

The Made Smarter initiative, a Government-backed programme, has helped over 900 small- to medium-enterprises, providing advice and funding of over £2.5 million since it began nearly 2 years ago.

The Lancashire business feeding the nation

Featured in the Lancashire Evening Post article (22 October 2020), Charmay was interviewed and highlighted how the current climate and situations is affecting their business; talking all things pandemic, Brexit and futureproofing.  Using data and system integration solutions, the company is aiming to increase production and reduce waste, with systems capturing and analysing data from the greenhouse to dispatch to ensure consistency and removing the need for paperwork associated with quality checks.

“Tech is revolutionary, so we’re not only open to change, we’re excited at how we can go to the next level,” Charmay says. “We’re always striving to be the best, so if we can use data and tech to improve things like standards and yield then that’s a great tool.”

The Flavourfresh team continues to work on developing its processes and manufacturing programmes, taking a now fully informed advantage of the latest digital technologies to stand them in the best position to face the oncoming challenges head-on.

Added: 27 October 2020