Our Sweet Jane blueberries first in store

Flavourfresh Sweet Jane Blueberries first to market 2020

First for flavour and first to market

Driscoll’s® Sweet Jane Blueberries

The berry marketplace continues to see British blueberries growing in importance.  With such a warm early Spring, well-above average temperatures and the facilities at Flavourfresh to capitalise on this, our Flavourfresh Driscoll’s® Sweet Jane crop was ready in mid-April – four weeks ahead of the rest of the UK berry producers.  The berries of this new introduction are large with the sweetest of flavours.  Flavourfresh Driscoll’s® Sweet Jane  are taking pride of place in the fruit displays of Sainsbury’s stores across the country, hitting the stores continuously since their early April launch.

The finest flavours

Grown under glass at Aldergrove, Flavourfresh blueberries thrive in the naturally-peaty Lancashire soil.  This new introduction has produced its first crop this year and will join its blueberry partners Duke, Spartan, Bluecrop, Nui and Chandler in the Flavourfresh family.  Their fruit-laden bushes are hand picked and their production heated similarly to our tomato crops.

Driscoll’s® Sweet Jane blueberries are grown by Flavourfresh and marketed to Sainsbury’s and Booths by Berry Gardens.

June 2020