UPDATED: We ran for Margaret and raised £1520!

Southport Half Marathon Flavourfresh

Some members of the Flavourfresh team ran the Southport Half Marathon and 10k on Sunday 26 June 2022.  We are showing support for our very dear colleague and Personnel Manager, Margaret Kalitka.

Margaret has been with the Flavourfresh family since 2004 when she started as a Tomato Packer. She lives in Southport with her partner Colin and 9 year old son, James.

At 6 months old, James started suffering from up to 30 seizures a day. He underwent a brain resection at 18 months, but this didn’t cure the seizures. He was diagnosed with a complex medical condition, which includes drug resistant epilepsy, daily seizures, sleep and learning difficulties. James is also on the autistic spectrum and has ADHD. A recent biopsy also showed a rare neurological condition for which he must have weekly chemotherapy treatment.

In February 2022, Margaret was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She remained committed to Flavourfresh by working whilst undergoing weekly chemotherapy, supporting us through a challenging period for the business, as well as herself. Recently, Margaret has had to continue her fight at home given the intensity of the treatment, we want to help her and her family through this difficult time.

THANK YOU to all those who donated (and you still can!) – we raised £1520! We really appreciate your support.  Go to:


Jill, Charmay, Jon and Nas (pictured above post-race) and the Flavourfresh family