British Tomato Fortnight 2020 at Flavourfresh

Flavourfresh British Tomato Fortnight 2020

Flavourfresh celebrates another fine year for British tomato production

Perfectly timed for ultimate flavour and beautifully juicy and plump, the Flavourfresh tomato crops are in their prime, feeding the nation across the UK.  And what better time to celebrate than this British Tomato Fortnight from 25 May to 7 June 2020!

Packing a juicy Flavourfresh punch

One of the UK’s most celebrated and dedicated growers, the Flavourfresh production team have once again triumphed, with crops landing in stores across the UK – wave after wave of juicy premium flavours in fruits large and small, vined or loose.

The Tomato Team

Headed by Flavourfresh’s Tomato Production Manager Andy Roe, pivotal in the company’s production and development since Flavourfresh began in 1997, the team have a number of initiatives planned, both internally and externally, to mark and promote the tomato campaign.

British Tomato Growers Association

Flavourfresh are established members of the British Tomato Growers Association who are promoting the British Tomato Fortnight campaign.  Follow the story on our Facebook or Twitter feeds, use the hashtag #BTF20 and tag @britishtomatoes.

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