From Greenhouse to Supermarket

Packing a mighty flavour punch

Once fruit is ready to harvest, it is handpicked by our team of experts who match fruit standard to customer expectation. Picked into tray or punnet, when each pick is complete, pallets are strapped and wrapped and transported to our factory ready to pack. Unloaded, checked in, quality examined and refrigerated, produce is then allocated to customers. Packed, accounted and transferred to dispatch, our fruit and berries leave the Flavourfresh fold on pallets and head for their ultimate supermarket depots, ready to fly off the shelves.

Every punnet of finished product can be tracked using its barcode, label and tray end from glasshouse, to batch, to picking date, to picker offering full traceability.

Collaborating as a team, we produce volumes, on average, of around 500,000 units a week. In peak times, this can be nearly 1 million units! That works out at roughly 75,000 units a day.