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About Us

The Flavourfresh Family

Flavourfresh originated in 1997 and is a privately-owned multi-award winning, commercial fresh produce business, with its main site in Southport, Lancashire.

Specialising in growing Tomatoes, Strawberries, Blueberries and introducing in 2019, Blackberries, the company operates across four sites under 17.3 hectares of glass.

At two sites, Melrow and Landsale, the Flavourfresh focus is purely on the production of premium top-tier tomatoes. Operations at Hundred End are dedicated to production of our impressive berries and the Aldergrove site has a split focus on both berry and tomato finery.

All our strawberries are grown under glass, extending the UK season with early Spring and late Autumn fruit.

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Focus on Flavour

With our sights firmly set on flavour, we annually produce 2,700 tonnes of tomatoes and 600 tonnes of strawberries.  The latest site developments and new technological advancement across the business means that Flavourfresh can compete at the very highest level, meeting the demands of top tier supermarket clients.   The addition of Blackberries and Blueberries into our impressive portfolio is just one testament to this for the forthcoming season.


Working in partnership

You can find our finest fruit flavours in store:


Our Growing Experts

Flavourfresh’s Tomato Production Manager Andy Roe has been with us since the company began in 1997. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Tomato and is highly respected in the tomato-growing industry. Andy is extremely passionate about the tomatoes he grows and freely admits that cultivating the best tasting tomatoes in the world is his personal driving force! Andy received an award back in 2017 from UK Growers Awards Horticulture Week for ‘Best Production Manager’.

Flavourfresh’s Soft Fruit Production Manager Kevin Reeves has been with us since the start of strawberry production. Since then, Kevin has built up an amazing reputation and is now known as one of the leading strawberry growers in the UK.  Kevin is now leading the Flavourfresh team into the new challenge producing blueberries and blackberries.

The work that both Andy and Kevin do to nurture our crops is underpinned by our loyal teams of production and administrative staff, who devote themselves to providing our customers with a reliable, consistent, technically professional and efficient service.

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