Hundred End Nursery

Hundred End Nursery was originally home to commercial production of tomatoes when it was first constructed in the late 1960s. Joining the Flavourfresh family in 1998 and then the marketing and grower group Berry Gardens in 2003, the site converted its crop to soft fruit and grew from a small glasshouse to  its current size, housing 6.28 hectares of strawberry.

Including crops of Driscolls Lusa, Lara and Malling Centenary, the nursery produces 600 tonnes of early and late strawberries, shouldering tunnel and outdoor production periods.

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“As a young lad my father worked on a top fruit farm, so I grew up surrounded by apple and pear orchards. After an apprenticeship at Wye College and an NCH at Hadlow, I started as Crop Supervisor at Hundred End and now manage the soft fruit side at Flavourfresh, including the introduction of the exciting new blackberry variety, Sweet Victoria. Looking after our plants requires a high level of skill, from planting to picking. We can rely on our experienced team to maintain our greenhouse and look after our crops, ensuring they are kept to a high standard and produce the best fruit.

Nursery Manager, Kevin Reeves