Flavourfresh have three modern nurseries producing some of the best flavoured British tomatoes available.  With a globally-recognised reputation for the most flavoursome tomatoes, this is no surprise for a team for whom flavour is the ultimate passion.

The humble tomato, the “miracle fruit”, Lycopersicum esculentum, has been the mainstay of Flavourfresh production and 75% of the business is devoted to its production – over a quarter of a billion produced each year.

Delivering the finest tomatoes to British consumers, Flavourfresh sits at the heart of the Lancashire salad bowl of the UK, perfect in climate and a beautifully rich soil in which tomatoes flourish.

Our tomato growers are amongst the UK’s top tomato specialists and members of the British Tomato Growers’ Association. Experienced pioneers of flavour, they use a combination of tomato trickery, growing mastery and the latest technology to deliver top-class quality tomatoes, all year round: large, small, vined or loose… in a myriad of colours.


New Varieties

Always seeking out the next big thing in tomato excellence, we also trial around 200 new varieties each year.