All Flavourfresh strawberries are produced at the Hundred End site. As soft fruit specialists since 2003, varieties in production have progressed from the Elsanta to the Sonata and now we are renowned for the Driscolls Lusa, production of which starts each March. Lusa has an impressive shape, size and – most importantly – an excellent flavour to match.

In the Autumn we plant Malling Centenary which produces from mid-September to early December, again with the superb shape, size and flavour you would expect from a Flavourfresh product.

Achieving the best yields on time and to meet demand, Flavourfresh strawberries benefit from the latest technology, managing heating, venting, humidity, CO2 and irrigation, efficiently and with environmental factors in mind.

Strawberry plants are grown in coir (coconut fibre) grow bags on table top systems. The flower trusses are pulled out, leaves are pushed back behind string and the fruit is encouraged to grow and flourish prior to harvest.



Between March-June and September-December, Lusa and Malling Centenary Strawberries are supplied to: