Aldergrove Nursery

Aldergrove Nursery – Tomatoes – 9 hectares

At Aldergrove Nursery in the village of Banks, the Flavourfresh journey begins for some of our tomatoes and protected sweet blackberries.  Four blocks of glass combine a long-established nursery with recent glasshouse additions, with diffused glass and two combined heat and power energy centres.

90% of the tomato-growing glass area has retractable energy-saving screens which can reduce heat usage by 40%.  The heat sources on site supply 4700Kw of electricity into the local power network and any excess hot water produced is utilised to heat the crops.

The newly-introduced crop of sweet blackberries is produced here for late autumn and early spring harvests.

Three Owls Bird Sanctuary and Reserve

The greenhouses are surrounded by wildflower beds, fields and hedgerows, managed as a wildlife-friendly environment.  At the front of the nursery The Three Owls Meadow Reserve, a 2-acre wildlife habitat managed by The Three Owls Bird Sanctuary and Reserve (Registered charity 298352).


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“My love of horticulture began from an early age when I used to help (or hinder) my Dad on his allotment in Birkdale. After studying horticulture at Reading University then working as Propagation Manager, I moved back to Southport as a supervisor and progressed to Site Manager at Aldergrove. Now advising the growing teams, I have been involved in energy purchasing, recording and sustainability and am a member of the Tomato Growers Association Technical Committee. Our team works around the clock and puts in such a big effort to produce the best tasting and quality tomato there is! Without their commitment and skill, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do”

Pest & Disease Consultant, David Barker