Darrell Jones leads operations at Flavourfresh

Darrell Jones Operations Manager Flavourfresh

Developing and working with multi-skilled teams

Overseeing and managing the smooth and efficient running of the Operations function across four sites, Darrell Jones joined the Flavourfresh team in May 2021 from his previous position as Senior Section Manager at Wigan-based Bakkavor Foods.

The Flavourfresh Journey

Darrell, a family man and avid fan of watching rugby league, is keen to explore opportunities to develop the business, working with his multi-skilled teams and ensuring the focus is on efficiency, consistency and progress in the quest for flavour perfection.

Based at the Head Office at the Aldergrove nursery, he believes: “You are only as good as the team you build around you.”  Expressing his keenness to step onto the ambitious pathway that Flavourfresh is taking as it expands and innovates in the sector with the use of robotics, lighting technology and environmental solutions, Jones continues:

“The company continues to invest in the operational infrastructure, both financially and in terms of human resources, training and professional development – and I’m more than ready take this journey with them.”

Darrell is very much a “people person” and will bring an invigorated approach to the Operations functions across all sites, working with the Production, Transport, Technical and Maintenance teams.

Joining the Flavourfresh family

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