Cultivating perfection: Consulting with crop experts to learn and improve

Nic van Roosmalen Tomato Expert at Flavourfresh

Engaging again this year with a long-term associate of Flavourfresh, Nic van Roosmalen, the production team can explore, discuss and learn from the broader cultivation world.  This brings a fresh perspective and an expertise with wider eyes on the European and worldwide developments in tomato growing.

Consultant Nic of Tuinbouwadvies explores the world of tomato growing and its fast-paced technological advances.  He provides advice, training and techniques to optimize the premium flavours and efficiencies that companies like Flavourfresh command from their fruits and cultivation.

Tapping into a wealth of knowledge

Joining us every six weeks this season, Nic has a long association with Flavourfresh,  visiting in the early years from 1997.  He spends time with the Nursery Management teams, helping them to understand the balance between improving yields and heightening quality and ensuring this equilibrium is reflected in the company’s overall business objectives.

Proof of the pudding

To date, Nic has helped fine-tune our LED lighting on our Delisher tomato crop and this has already delivered a yield increase.

Focusing closely on growing data and the combination of technology with human interaction, Nic continues to draw on his esteemed career in Integrated Pest Management, substrates and irrigation and will return on his next visit to review progress and support the team who are privileged to have Nic on board in their quest for “cultivation perfection”.

Added: 21 August 2020