Sustainability in fresh produce growing

Wildflower ecosystem at Flavourfresh

Wildflower habitat encouraging endangered wildlife to return

Harnessing and promoting nature

Wildflowers, wildlife and natural biodiversity

Across the production sites at Flavourfresh is a common theme: Nature.  Combining the latest environmentally-sustainable growing techniques with traditional methods means better yields and flavours without any adverse effects on the natural environment.

Sustainable growing

This no-nonsense approach to growing and encouraging biodiversity has gained Flavourfresh recognition from its clients, suppliers and associates.

Not only does Flavourfresh plant wildflowers to offer a habitat to encourage bees, butterflies and wildlife around their sites, they also operate a closed re circulation system of water usage. The vast majority of irrigation and rainwater run-off is captured, filtered, cleaned and re-used.  This replenishes up to 30% of the company’s water usage and prevents unnecessary excesses of this nitrate-rich water running into local water courses.   This has also allowed for the re-establishment of water voles to the area – the ultimate testament to our water management.

The company also operates an Integrated Pest Management programme, combining the benefits of insects in tandem with softer chemicals.

Three Owls Bird Sanctuary and Reserve

At Aldergrove, the under-glass production is surrounded by wildflower beds and hedgerows.  This external environment is managed by the Three Owls Bird Sanctuary, a registered charity.  This meadow reserve encourages birds of prey, bees, water voles, moths and rare butterflies and was transformed from a bare field five years ago.

Andy Roe, Production Manager at Flavourfresh, commends the company’s ongoing commitment and passion to embrace and consider the natural environment in all of its operations:

“We are so proud of our contribution to the environment. It just shows what can be achieved with the right approach to growing and biodiversity. The wild flowers we’ve planted around the greenhouses not only look fantastic but with them they bring an eclectic mix of butterflies, bees and moths, which make a vital contribution to the ecosystem”.

New Extra Special Tomatoes selected by Asda in 2020

Extra Special Mixed Tomatoes grown by Flavourfresh have landed in stores this Summer at Asda. Flavourfresh has been growing tomatoes for Asda since 1995 and this summer alone will be supplying 330,000 cases to the public via the supermarket retailer.  Andy continues:

“Never did I dream that tomato growing could ever be so beneficial to British wildlife. From a bare grass field five years ago, we now have a vast meadow reserve that has delivered the most amazing transformation to the local wildlife and ecosystem. To be able to see endangered birds hunting at dusk in the iconic British countryside setting is amazing and knowing our approach to growing tomatoes has contributed to that is just an incredible feeling.”

June 2020