M&S Fresh Market Update with our Sweet Rosso tomatoes airs on TV

M&S Sweet Rosso Tomatoes grown by Flavourfresh

M&S Select Farmers: Andy Roe features in TV campaign

Partnering with M&S for over 20 years, the collaboration between Flavourfresh, Sweet Rosso tomatoes and the premium food retailer hits a sweetspot this month as our Head of Tomato Production, Andy Roe, features in their current Fresh Market Update advertising series.  Airing for the first time on Monday 12 July 2021 on ITV, Sky TV and Channel 4 and then throughout the week, Andy’s interviews with Lucy Versamy, filmed earlier this year on site at Lansdales, walk the consumer through the Sweet Rosso journey.  Andy explores the unique flavours, how they are achieved and what makes both Flavourfresh and our tomatoes stand-out winners at M&S.

Passion and commitment to flavour

Andy and M&S explore how flavour rather than colour is key in the Sweet Rosso variety, grown exclusively for M&S for 8 years here at Flavourfresh.  The partnership is a strong one, forged on providing the sweetly unique flavoured fruits season after season and keeping M&S stores fuelled with tomato availability all year round.

M&S Agronomist Guy Grimshaw praises Andy’s passion and commitment to growing:

At M&S we are extremely passionate about where all of our food comes from, including tomatoes, and it’s an absolute joy to work with unique, talented, and enthusiastic farmers like Andy at Flavourfresh. He is focused on developing the tastiest tomatoes possible through clever farming technology, while also being mindful of the environment. It’s great to see such innovation and commitment to growing quality, fresh British produce. Our customers love Andy’s amazing tomatoes year after year, especially the Sweet Rosso variety, which are exclusive to M&S.

You can view the full feature below:

You can read a little more about how Flavourfresh work with M&S in their Fresh Market Update: Eat the Season series here.