BRCGS AA+ Grade Food Safety Achieved

August 2021: Highest Grade Food Safety for Flavourfresh

The Technical team have repeated their achievement of the highest possible Grade AA+ score in Food Hygiene and Safety in the latest independent audit from BRCGS. The latest audit has resulted in this AA+ Grade after the assessors visit this week (Wednesday 4 August 2021).  With 2 new starters in the Packhouse team, including our new Packhouse Manager Rob Barwise, and our Technical Assistant Diana Kalinowska covering admirably in the holiday absence of our Technical Manager, Lynn Moore, the achievement is yet another credit to the high standards set in food safety, hygiene, training and preparation under newly-appointed Darrell Jones‘ operational management.

Another #TeamFlavourfresh achievement in the realms of fresh fruit and produce – and well-deserved.

Flavourfresh AA+ BRCGS Food Hygiene

BRCGS AA+ Food and Hygiene Safety Certification

You can find out more about our first achievement of this accreditation earlier in December 2020 here.